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Services and Rates

Note:  A minimum of one visit per day is required. 

Standard Care Visit:        30 minutes    $25.00

                                               45 minutes    $35.00

                                               60 minutes    $45.00

All visits include the following services:


Washing food and water dishes

Feeding pets

Refreshing water

Litter scooping

Sweeping/cleaning litter box area


Bringing in mail/newspaper

Putting out/bringing in trash and recycling bin

Watering Plants

Turning lights on/off

Rotating blinds/drapes

Jen will pill and/or administer transdermal medications to compliant cats but will not give insulin or other injections


Customized Care Plans:    (For non-vacationing clients who require pet companionship only/drop-in visits etc.,) 

Cat Sitting by Jen can customize a plan to suit your needs.


Multiple Cats:


There is no additional charge for multiple cats. 

However, sitter will advise if she feels that

30 minute visits are inadequate for proper care.




No additional charge for holiday visits.






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